Jayden Lynn Neetz model project .


My first product shoot!

This week I am working with Peter Classen on a product shoot for one of his clients. Peter has a local florist shop he takes photos for! He asked the owner if we could use the shop as a location and product shoot! Peter says, now it’s my turn to be the prop!





The day started with a visit to Sara Baird’s place for my makeup. Sara did the make-up to look soft and elegant. The location of the shoot was Bella Roma Florist located on Wellington owned and operated by Gitte Unger, in downtown Chilliwack. Her store sells accessories, as well as flowers. She just recently did a wedding and made these beautiful center pieces.


Once we took a few shots, Peter wanted my hair tied up to aside pony, so we decided to go next door to Bijou. A hair salon owned and operated by Cam Douglas. His staff  quickly tied my hair back and off I went.  Peter took a few more shots and called it a day.

Peter was now off to another shoot, we decided to watch another model at work, which happened to be Ashley Young.  Her talent and experience inspired me. I would like to give thanks to all that have made this experience a great one. 🙂


The dg photography shoot!

Dwayne Girvan, is a photographer from Langley. We connected online and he agreed to do a shoot with me.

The vision he had for my shoot was so incredibly interesting, edgy and unique. He was going to use lights and colors.

When he told me of his idea, I could have never imagined the shot we ended with.

My mother and I headed into Langley with huge excitement, I couldn’t wait to get to his location.

When I showed up the make up artist was Mesmer Eyez Artistry, Dwayne gave her the colors he wanted and off to work she went.

Unique and edgy is what he was looking for and boy did we get exactly that.

The use of his lights were unlike anything I have seen thus far.

During my shoot the atmosphere was very warming and comfortable. When I looked around his studio he had plenty of pictures

that showed his amazing eye for lighting and detail.

In-completion of my photo shoot, I am so excited to work with him

again to see what he will have up his sleeve for the next time.

Check out more of Dwayne’s great work!

My First Shoot

On my first photo shoot with Peter Classen and the make-up artist Sara Baird, my expectations were greeted with superb professionalism. Peter directed me to Sara who began to do my make-up for my first outfit. Sara’s artistic eye for make-up, brought my face to a light a beauty. I was nervous at first, but after spending time with Sara, I soon relaxed and enjoyed her company. Peter had his location selected and off we went. His kind words and terrific direction gave me theconfidence and comfort I needed. At the end of the shoot, I was feeling enriched with success.


My Shoot With Nomo

My second shoot was with a photographer named Nomo Akisawa.
The location she choose was so beautiful. Her vision for unique photos came easy. I was so amazed at her calmness and direction. With this being my second photo shoot, my relaxed and confident nature shown through.
Modelling is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I am looking forward to the next shoot and the next one after that.

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