Jayden Lynn Neetz model project .

The dg photography shoot!

Dwayne Girvan, is a photographer from Langley. We connected online and he agreed to do a shoot with me.

The vision he had for my shoot was so incredibly interesting, edgy and unique. He was going to use lights and colors.

When he told me of his idea, I could have never imagined the shot we ended with.

My mother and I headed into Langley with huge excitement, I couldn’t wait to get to his location.

When I showed up the make up artist was Mesmer Eyez Artistry, Dwayne gave her the colors he wanted and off to work she went.

Unique and edgy is what he was looking for and boy did we get exactly that.

The use of his lights were unlike anything I have seen thus far.

During my shoot the atmosphere was very warming and comfortable. When I looked around his studio he had plenty of pictures

that showed his amazing eye for lighting and detail.

In-completion of my photo shoot, I am so excited to work with him

again to see what he will have up his sleeve for the next time.

Check out more of Dwayne’s great work!


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