Jayden Lynn Neetz model project .

About The Project

The Project

At the end of grade 8, I was approached by a teacher.She asked me if I would be interested in applying my knowledge and determination in a course that entails enriched subjects as well as a career like project which last an entire year. IB 9/10. To be selected to take part in the program, you had to be a B honor student, show great attention to detail, organizational skills, athletics, as well as a respectful and honorable student. In completion of the course, 4 credits for grade 12 will have been aquired.

The project of my choice is to Model. Modelling represents artistic views, designer choices, a vision for beauty, and an expression to enhance the desires of viewers.

The Process

My process of becoming a Model.

My grade ten year has come upon me so very quickly. Summer has come and gone with great memories and good times With school just around the corner, I had to start focusing on what I was going to do for my IB 9/10 project. I had a couple of things in mind but only one thing got me really excited and that was modeling.

My mother and I looked Peter Classen up and he agreed to meet with us. He informed us of what he does and how things could work for my project. He decided to give me a chance to go after my passion and begin to do some shoots. We made a date and I was now looking forward to my first shoot. With Peter’s guidance and help, he has helped me create a Blog and a model page. He has helped me get in contact with other photographers and introduced my project to them.

My goal for my project will be to experience many different shoots, shoot with a number of different photographers and blossom into a much desired model.

Peter continues to be there for me and helps me learn what it takes to be a successful model. With all his connections, he talks to photographers and has them agree to shooting me now and in five months shoot me again to show my progression and confidence with modeling. In the end I hope to have achieved my goal, but more importantly continue in the modeling industry.

I want to say thanks to all those that have helped me thus far and look forward to working with each of them again and again.


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